Custom Stands – Manufacturing

Once the 3D plans are validated and the budget is assessed, the next step is producing all of the physical elements that make your kiosk. Our personnel, skilled in large format stand fabrication, is able to respond to any demand.

We are specialists in the production of custom stands. Call experts to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of the show! This is why the pre-production and production phases are so important: the plans of each stand, designed for specific situations, are checked out before going into the production phase.


Our workshop is equipped to handle the most complex structural construction. We work with wood, metal, plastic, glass, cardboard, etc. We also add lighting and multimedia as required.

The range of our production methods is wide. The project chief will follow its evolution and coordinate all teams to ensure that production is completed by its deadline.

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Complete manufacturing:

  • Pre-made modules in the workshop
  • Assembly testing in workshop before final assembly at expo
  • On-site installation

From its raw materials to its finishes, the kiosk takes shape. Our team also handles panel-wrapping, surfaces, flooring, showcases…


Once the solid structure is in place, we offer a large palate of tools to embellish and enhance its impact:

  • Decals for windows, floor and carpet
  • Vinyl lettering cutouts
  • Illuminated signs and other visual lighting effects
  • Fabric printing
  • Large format printing

Our production means are significant, and our only limits are imagination! All your desires come to life in our production workshop!

Our work allows you to rest easier. We ensure every step of the creation of your project.

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