Custom Stands – 3D design

Our studies department is a master of many graphic design tools, including 3D design, that will enable you to explore your future stand as though it were really there!

As a picture is worth a thousand words, nothing beats seeing the product before investing. Our team of representatives and designers will work in direct collaboration with you.

Together, we will identify your needs and priorities and present stunningly realistic 3D renderings of the trade booth. With customer satisfaction driving Xpression Num.Eric’s success, this tool allows us to get as close as possible to your vision and our goal! 

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    While elaborating the 3D plan, our designers must consider many aspects of the customized stand. Such considerations include:

    • Physical restrictions (the size of the area granted by the expo, which sides are open, location?)
    • The plan’s application (structure of the space, size of the modules)
    • Respecting the business’ visuals (consistency in colours, graphics, module-wrapping)
    • Stand’s finalization (furnishings, lighting, details)

    From the 3D rendering through to our workshops and the final installation, our collaborators go above and beyond to deliver a customized, turnkey kiosk, that meets every client’s needs.

    By seizing the power of communication tools, your stand should meet your needs and present the absolute best face for your business.

    The customized booth, a “turnkey” including all the range of services necessary for the success of your project.

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