The Team at Xpression Num.Eric

Eric Couture / Business Partner

A graduate in Administration with a major in Marketing, Eric Couture has more than 25 years of experience in sales in the field of printing and graphic arts.

What drives Eric? Applying his creativity and experience to deliver perfect solutions for his clients all over the world. When the product doesn’t exist… Eric invents it!

Proud of his achievements in the business and a firm belief that effective promotion is the key to success, Eric is determined to offer you the very best!

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Eric Renaud / Business Partner

With over 25 years of production and sales experience, Eric Renaud has a thorough knowledge of the large-format printing industry. Eric will accompany you throughout the entire printing process from start to finish, including graphic design, preparing files, printing, laminating and finishing touches.

A graduate in Graphics, Eric strives to deliver to his clients highly effective and state-of-the-art visual-communication tools, and his personalized touch guarantees customer satisfaction.

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Caroline Gallant / Business Partner

Following her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, Caroline has accumulated 20 years of experience in the commercial exhibition industry.

Throughout those years, Caroline has developed strong and invaluable expertise in exhibit design, project management, production supervision, and exhibition logistics. Feedback from long-term customer relationships has also translated into business development expertise, which Caroline routinely shares with customers to enhance the impact of their exhibits.

To this day, she remains fascinated with exhibitions as opportunities for business development, and continues to apply her vast experience to rigorously manage projects, develop new markets and improve operations/logistics.

In addition to Caroline’s professionalism and tireless work ethic, her clients from 28 different countries have come to appreciate her upbeat personality, her sense of humour and general positivity.

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Nathalie Turcotte

Production Manager
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Laura Rodriguez

Financial Controller
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Julie Bujold

Accounts Receivable Clerk
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Eric Richer

Sales Representative
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Pierre St-Arneault

Sales Representative
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Julie Spénard

Portable Products Specialist
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Alain Lapointe

Large Format Printing Coordinator
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Jacques Gionet

Operations Manager
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Émilie Girard

Exhibit Project Coordinator
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Bruno Coutu

Project manager
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Alexandre Bouchard

Artistic Director
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Jean-Sébastien Jodoin

Senior Graphic Designer
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Alexia Richaudeau

Graphic Designer
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Claude Tremblay

Digital press
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André Gibouleau

Finishing &
Laminator Operator / CNC

Guy Labine

Finishing &
Laminator Operator / CNC

Francis Ethier

Finishing & CNC

Gino Palombini

Finishing &
Laminator Operator / Installation

Enrique Gomez Luna


Guy Felteau


Yannick Lavoie

Warehouse / Shipping Manager