Promotional tents: protection and promotion combined

The outdoor promotional “Gazebo” tent provides excellent, 360 degree visibility as well as shelter from the elements. It is very robust, lightweight and easy to install.

Its collapsible structure takes only a few minutes to set up.

Thanks to its advanced design, we guarantee this is the best advertising tent that the industry has to offer.


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Advantages of Gazebo promotional tent

Foldable structure

Installing the Gazebo is easy its folding structure fits nicely in a carrying bag.

360 degree promotional visibility

Broadcast your message on the 360 degree Gazebo Tent! For the most vibrant colors, HD color printing on roofs and walls is done by the process of sublimation on polyester.

Robust and lightweight structure

All components of the gazebo tent are robust and rigid. Thanks to their hexagonal shape, the "Gazebo" structure's tubes (50mm) are both stronger and lighter than the competition's. Thanks to this, you get greater longevity and ease of transport.

Tool-free setup

The Gazebo tent's advanced mechanisms allow it to be deployed easily, without tools. The height of the poles is adjusted with the push of a button.

Visual tensioning system

The central crank allows for roof tension to be easily adjusted for a visual appeal that second to none.

Ground anchors

Holes in the base of the legs allow for the insertion of pegs that secure the tent to softer grounds, such as turf.

Outdoor Gazebo tent Accessories

Anchor weights

It is not always possible to put pegs into the ground. To anchor your promotional tent's structure to hard or soft ground, you can add weights.

Rolling transport bag

A sturdy rolling bag with an accessories pocket provides easy storage and transportation for your portable tent.

Promotional flags

Add flags to your Gazebo structure with this base that attaches easily to the tent's poles.

Camionnette avec habillage de vinyle complet recouvrant les vitres

Door and window

Add a door or window to the wall of your tent.

Walls and half walls

Add walls and half walls to your Gazebo tent.

Gazebo Auvent


Choose the adjustable awning option for extra shade or added protection in bad weather. Enjoy a sheltered and comfortable space in any situation.

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