The “Blade” promotional flag is built with a high quality aluminum mast attached to a fibreglass rod at the end.

It showcases an advertising flag that is printed on digital sublimation fabric for deep and vibrant colours.

The “Blade” flag is constantly moving, very wind resistant and is quick to install, making it the perfect tool for outdoor promotion.

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Three easy steps!

Lightweight and easy to install: Assemble the mast, slide it into the sheath, insert the mast into the base and voila!

Rolling mechanism adapted to the wind

A rolling mechanism is installed at the top of each base model to allow it to follow the wind direction and prevent the flag from rolling.

Sturdy structure

Rubber rings are found throughout the structure. This reinforces the mast and holds it in place.

Easy to take apart

The fibre rods are flexible, sturdy and insert easily into one another. This facilitates set-up and tear-down of the flag.


Plastic base: More weight = more security

The plastic base can be filled with water or sand and adds weight to your structure.

Double function: Bag and refillable base

You can also buy a durable zippered fabric bag. The bag fills with sand to add weight to your base.

Sac de transport en nylon à multiples pochettes inclus avec le kit de drapeau de promotion.

Add flags to your Gazebo!

Add flags to your Gazebo structure by attaching this base to its poles. Let our professionals advise you on all the possibilities available for your events and marketing strategies.

Ground stake to anchor your flag

Heavy-duty ground stake, made of bake-painted steel. Steel mechanical bearing at the top with secure attachment screw. The stake anchors the base of the flag.

Buryable base

Buryable base for semi-permanent use in steel with baked enamel paint. Steel mechanical bearing at the top with secure fastening screw.

Semi-permanent base

Steel base for semi-permanent use. Steel mechanical bearing at the top with secure attachment screw.

Stake with ball bearing

19" T-shaped steel ground stake can be driven into the ground with a mallet.

Ground screw: a stake that secures like a screw

This Deluxe ground screw can be hand-screwed into the ground. Just insert the rod and screw in the ground. Removal is simple by using the same process in reverse.

Steel plate for hard or soft ground

Steel plate that adapts to hard or soft ground with a ball bearing in the centre. Can be used indoors or outdoors, with or without the use of corner stakes or sandbags, depending on the strength of the winds.

Collapsible base that is easy to carry

Available is a cross-shaped base that is foldable for simple storage and transportation. It can be used indoors or outdoors with the use of corner stakes or sandbags.

U-shaped palstic base

"U-shaped" plastic base refillable with water or sand to add weight to the base of the flag.


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