The “EZ Flag” system is ideal for outdoor advertising and promoting special events and exhibitions.

Lightweight, easy to transport and assemble, the “EZ Flag” promotional flag adapts to any situation.

Its rectangular shape adapts perfectly to your existing visuals.

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Simple installation

Assemble the mast, slide it into the sheath and then the base, and it's done!

Intelligent mechanism

A rolling mechanism is installed at the top of each base model to prevent the flag from rolling and allow it to follow the wind direction.

A sturdy flag

Rubber rings hold the flag in place and make it stronger.

Assemble it in a snap

Strong and flexible fibre rods lock in easily to make assembly a breeze.

Impression des ourlets

L'impression des ourlets est possible en option. (frais en sus)


Weighted base

This plastic structure can be filled with water to add weight to your base.

Weighted bag for the base

This durable fabric bag can be filled with sand to add weight to your base.

A post as solid as iron

This heavy-duty, bake-painted steel stake ensures that the flag stays anchored into the ground. A ball bearing is located at the top which also facilitates installation.

Square base

Buriable base for semi-permanent use or simply adding U bases. A ball bearing is located at the top. This base provides an additional height of 38.75 inches.

Compact base with 3-step set-up

Compact folding base for car tire. Simply unfold, screw in the ball-bearing steel rod and roll the car tire onto the base as shown.

Steel ground stake

19" steel "T-shaped” ground stake to be hammered into the ground with a mallet.

Ground screw: a stake that turns into the ground like a screw

This Deluxe ground screw can be hand-screwed into the ground. Simply insert the rod and screw in the ground. Removal is simple by using the same process in reverse.

Adaptable steel plate for high winds

A steel plate for hard or soft ground with a ball bearing in the centre. Can be used indoors or outdoors with or without the use of corner stakes or sandbags, depending on the strength of the winds.

An easy-to-carry base

A cross-shaped base (foldable for easy storage and transport) can be used inside as well as outside, with corner stakes or a sandbag.

U-shaped plastic base

"U-shaped" plastic base refillable with water or sand to add weight to the base of the flag.

Base en plastique remplissable et empilable

Base en plastique remplissable et empilable disponible pour ajouter du poids à la base du drapeau. Il est possible d'empiler jusqu'à 3 bases.


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