Windframe Poster Stand

Windframe: the poster stand that defies weather conditions

The Windframe poster stand is the best product to feature temporary two-sided outdoors promotional display.

Its clip frame allows you to replace your posters easily and as often as you like.

Its solid, aluminum plastic structure is weather-resistant and its spring system is ideal for effectively withstanding excessive winds.

Catching the attention of passers-by has never been easier!

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Advantages of the Windframe poster stand

A broad and solid base

The base of the Windframe poster stand is wide and strong to provide excellent stability.

Easy to move

Rollers beneath the structure ensure that it can be moved easily.

Easy installation of the visual

To install your visual, simply lift the four sides of the Windframe and close it on the visual. A plastic wrap protects your poster.

Resistant to strong winds

The Windframe display has two strong springs that keep it from tumbling under insistent winds.

A heavy base

The base can be filled with sand or water to add weight to the structure.

A robust handle

The Windframe display is equipped with a sturdy handle for easy transport.

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