Panoramic H-Line Stand


The Panoramic H-Line is a modular exhibit stand solution that enables easy stand customization from pre-assembled frames.

Once the printed visuals are installed, the exhibit stand frames become hidden. As the entire surface of the stand is dedicated to your brand image, its visual impact is second to none.

The Panoramic H-Line can accommodate several different options and accessories to meet the needs of your exhibit. A variety of frames for panels, countertops, arches, worktops, cabinets, doors and shelves are available and customizable to your liking.

This modular stand offers all the benefits of modular and flexible stands without the compromises of portable models.

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Advantages of the modular Panoramic H-Line kiosk

Invisible structure

Let your stunning visuals do the work! The aluminum structure is completely hidden by your visuals. Your message will be even more effective and your exhibit booth will convey a quality brand image that is true to you.

Easy assembly without tools

Mounting the Panoramic H-Line requires no tools or technical expertise. One person can set up a 20' x 10' kiosk in less than an hour.

Customizable modules

With your printed visual and the many accessories available, each module is completely customizable. Meet all of your trade fair requirements with one booth: communicate, present, create, host and display.

Endless module interchangeability

All models consist of completely interchangeable modules, offering endless possibilities for kiosk reconfiguration. The Panoramic H-Line adapts to support your business growth.

Panoramic H-Line kiosk accessories

Transportation case

Your stand is delivered in a transport case specifically designed so that the pre-assembled modules slide in easily.

Panels for TVs and tablets

Add some dynamism to your booth by showcasing your products and services with a digital device.

Panels with shelves

Various panel configurations with shelving are available.


The Panoramic H-Line exhibit system offers infinite formats and configuration choices.

Therefore, it is impossible for us to indicate all the possibilities here.

Please contact one of our representatives to guide you for a particular configuration.

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