Get to know the passionate Erics !


Eric Couture

Partner and General Manager


With an administration degree in marketing, Eric has over 25 years’ experience in sales, primarily in printing and graphic arts.

What drives him? Finding the perfect product for his client, regardless of where it might be in the world. And if it doesn’t exist? He’ll make it!

Proud of what his company has been able to accomplish, Eric is convinced that effective promotion is a winning asset, which is why he strives every day to offer you the best!



Eric Renaud

Partner, major accounts representative, research and development.


With more than 25 years’ experience, Eric knows everything there is to know about the large format printing industry. He’s worked on the production line, and can thus give you an accurate picture of the various steps in the process: graphic design, file preparation, printing, laminating, and finishing.

Trained in graphic design, Eric’s priority is to offer you the most effective, high-quality communication tools possible.

Our clientele greatly appreciates this expertise, which makes a huge difference when tackling the most challenging projects.